Overcoming Computer hangs ( mengatasi komputer hang)

Your computer frequently hangs? Do not be afraid and hesitant how we have the solution ..... haru step now that you do include:
1. Check its RAM Is there Nominal propertis in Sytem shows you in accordance with the Ram, but if less than 15% means that the max ram you have a problem.

2. Liat you try Sytem propertis - hardware - device manager, if the sign of da? it must be dicarikan drivernya.

3.Cek refrigerator Prosesornya, whether existing pendinginnya pasta ato blum, if no sale only Grese pasta. 4. Try defrag deh you may have files that are not collected.

5. Once - you Clean Hardisknya times at least once a month dech

6. Do not forget also the file - the file that is in the prefetch folder is also in the clear.

Selamat mencoba .... Good Luqy
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