Optimizer Windows Xp

Many ways can be done to improve the performance of Windows XP, the one that was discussed here is a Registry tweak.
Besides the way, there are still some other ways, for example, eliminate programs that do not need to, increase memory capacity and so forth.

Add RAM Memory
One easy way to increase computer speed. Besides cheaper than if you upgrade other hardware components, the impact of the resulting large system of the PC.
Why does RAM is very important? When the PC system has only limited memory capacity, hard disk will act as virtual memory. Memory "copycat" This has worked well, but its impact is quite slow computer. Therefore, it is far more profitable when using the RAM is not adequate in order to force the PC's hard drive to run virtual memory memory.Apalagi price at this time much more inexpensive compared to some years ago, so the option to upgrade is the way to get increased performance.

Graphics Settings
To improve the performance of Windows XP is to change the graphics settings. The more careless you are setting akan graphic impact to the performance of less well known komputer.Seperti, the look of Windows XP is quite different than previous Windows versions, and this is paid to the needs of a larger resource. Impact speed of the system will be reduced. Therefore, change the graphic display to be a more simple (for example, Windows Classic) akan effect on increasing the performance of Windows Xp.
How settings as follows:
Control Panel> Display> Themes, change an existing theme into Windows Classic. Click Appearance, set the view according to your taste. Windows also uses the graphics power to provide special effects that have (such as menus, such as fade, shadow under the mouse cursor, and others). All effects are in fact take up the performance of Windows. You can address them as follows: Control Panel> System> Advanced> Performance> Settings> select "Adjust for best performance". Or you can choose Custom and free to choose the settings that exist. The more you give a little check mark sign, which will be less need to be a computer.
Speed Browse FileSaat you open a folder or browsing the Windows Explorer, Windows will automatically search for network folders and printers that you may access. This appeared to seize the time, even sometimes simply do not fret if we want to access at that time. You can tell Windows not to search (searching) if not required.
Do the following: My Computer> Tools menu> Folder Options> View> Remove the check mark in "Automatically search for network folders and printers"> click OK.Setelah you restart the computer, browse the folders will be faster.

Discard obsolete files
Clean hard drive of files that are not used anymore. The objective is that access to the files to be faster. Before you start, it's good to check hard disk space remaining. How: My Computer> right-click the hard disk icon> Properties> note of free space your hard disk. Through the My Documents folder, delete (Delete) the files are no longer needed, or if the files are still important you can move to a CD or DVD. SoftwareMenghapus uninstall the software that is used very rarely need to increase system speed. You can do this by going to Control Panel, select "Add or Remove Programs", will appear a list of software installed on the system. Uninstall all software that you know but not diperlukan.Selanjutnya, click the "Add / Remove Windows Components." Will display a list of components XP automatically installed with Windows.

Remove the components that you do not need.
Elimination FontBuatlah a folder (My Documents in the can) with the name "unused Fonts." Use Windows Explorer to the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ Fonts, then drag the font font-never use your unused into the Fonts folder. (You can double click a font to see the looks.) With the font-font can speed up some applications that are running.

Clean Hard Disk
You can also menyetting Windows to search for waste-waste that is not useful. How: from My Computer, right-click the hard drive> Properties> "Disk Cleanup." It takes some time to scan the hard disk files that you can delete. When finished, click OK and Yes.

Clean Registry
Although you have been uninstalling some programs, many of the programs terseut leave the residue or remaining in the Windows Registry. It is a good idea because it cleared from the system no longer needed. Found on the Internet many software Registry cleaners, one of which is easy to use and is free EasyCleaner. DefragSetelah clean up all the time, it's time mendefragment hard drive. Defragment needed because when the computer saves all the files in the drive, files are placed in the empty space there. If this lasts too long, individual files will be stored separately and in some places. Defragmenting brings together pieces of the file back so that the computer more quickly access the files.
To do: turn off all running programs, disable the screen saver through Control Panel> Display. Go to My Computer> right-click the hard drive> Properties> Tools> "Defragment Now". Let the computer work is completed.

Good Luky. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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